NewEngland Regional Meetup Dec 2023, 1730 local, Concord NH

It’s time for another New England meetup. Link to Rallly poll beneath the fold.

Rallly poll for when to join:

This is an M17, OpenRTX, and FOSS radio interest meetup. Bring something to show-and-tell, if you like - it does not need to be M17 related!

Despite the topic, all are welcome! Let @tarxvf know on discord/matrix if you’re coming by Saturday 0700 UTC so he can make reservations. You can also email newengland [at] for the same purpose. :)

Speaking of chat: See the #regional-newengland channel on matrix and Discord. See the official chat links on the project website for how to join. We keep the Discord and Matrix communities bridged so pick whichever service you like the most!

Hope to see you there! :D

~tarxvf / W2FBI